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This impactful walk-through experience, shown on 30-foot screens enveloping the audience, surrounds you with the story of humanity’s impact on the planet, the urgency of the climate crisis, and our quest for positive change.

Created from the powerful photographs and film of Edward Burtynsky’s 40-year career, produced by Canadian music legend Bob Ezrin and combined with a staggering original score composed by Phil Strong, In the Wake of Progress challenges us to have an important conversation about our legacy and the future implications of sustainable life on Earth.

Complemented by a specially curated gallery show of traditional Burtynsky’s photographs and high-resolution murals including new and never-before-seen images, the project includes a ‘Change Station’ which tackles the question “what can I do now?”, as well as two powerful augmented reality (AR) experiences exploring the impacts and legacy of the internal combustion engine.

In the face of the climate crisis, In The Wake of Progress dares us to have an important conversation about the legacy of the widespread impact of human industry and what it means for the future of sustainable life on this planet.

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