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Image Description: Image of artist Diana Tso standing in a forest. Diana is Chinese Canadian woman. She has long black hair and hazel brown eyes. She is wearing a Cheung sam styled dress with mandarin collar with buttons from the middle of the collar bone. Diana is standing in a forest making a gesture with her right hand.

About Golden Hour #2 -What is Canada?

Curated by Djennie Laguerre; this second episode of Golden Hour focuses on how storytelling in the form of folklore and personal mythology, shapes how we see ourselves and informs our moral codes. What are the stories we tell ourselves about the places and people we come from? How does that work with understanding who we are as Canadians? This episode features the work of 3 powerful storytellers: Djennie Laguerre, Courage Bacchus and Diana Tso performing in English and translated across multiple languages.

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Content Information: Plot details may be revealed. (Spoiler alert!!)

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