Image Description of six kids playing in a creek. Two kids are bent over looking in the water, while one kid is standing up in the foreground. Three kids are playing in the background. One kid is making a gesture with its left hand, while two kids are sitting down. There are trees along the creek and tall grass. The image is a black and white archival photograph.

About Taddle Creek

Anthropocene Immersion, Unearthing Lost Taddle Creek is an audio walk from Ryerson University to Toronto City Hall.

Walking time 75 minutes to an hour. Distance approximately 2 km.

Anthropocene Immersion, Unearthing Lost Taddle Creek is a journey to find the landscape of lost Taddle Creek. These are the stories of the land: the little tributary creeks, a marsh and rivulet, a lost forest, Yonge Street and the Toronto Portages, and the amazing stories of Indigenous peoples, settlers, immigrants in this place called Toronto. Journey through Ryerson University , The Atrium on Bay, the old Ward neighbourhood and Toronto City Hall and see the landscape in a whole new light with the imprint of the old paths opening up new possibilities for reconciliation, resilience, and resurgence. Created by Helen Mills of Lost Rivers and the Toronto Green Community.

How to Listen / Experience

Content Information: Plot details may be revealed. (Spoiler alert!!)

Artist and Collaborators


Thank You

Gratitude to the Great Lakes Water Walkers and to Doreen Day, Lekan Agunbiade, Rhonda Lucy, Elisha MacMillan, Ellen Karp, Dilys Leman, Maureen Scott Harris, Paul Overy, Rene Fan, Ed Freeman, Ambika Tenneti and Byron Moldofsky.