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Why is there so few Big Tech in Europe? We can always argue it's because of lack of funding, but it is becoming less and less true. Now the next battle is attracting & welcoming international talents — something the Silicon Valley has succeeded in doing for the last 20y.

It's now time for Europe to take first place on the podium, and as a European startup, we need to stand for it.

Acting at our level and leading this transition is the necessary condition to build a big & global economic player which will be more widely beneficial

Our philosophy

Our "No border policy" means we guarantee we have what it takes to be a true global and fair company.

European startups are tremendous environments for talent to flourish, but complicated compliance could deter worldwide talent from joining. We want to unlock the potential of European companies by opening the door to global talent.

Being a global company means we welcome talent from any country, origin, and language, as long as they at least speak English and are located within a 3 hours time difference.

We believe that the Future of Work is now and as a European startup it is definitely time to stop thinking local and act global.

We are committed to making this work, so we have put in place policies to ensure everyone at Luko is treated equally and is given support to overcome traditional boundaries, enabling them to flourish.

Our principles

We create an inclusive environment for everyone, wherever they are. Luko is striving to create a place where the culture is global and a space of belonging and safety for all, whatever her/his origins.

We consider hiring abroad not a risk, but an opportunity to attract the best wherever they are and gain a competitive advantage. Thinking global starts with bringing global perspectives into the company, which is why we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.