We care for every Lukoom and believe each of them will give the better of themself if they feel valued and trusted.


We provide significative equity package to every Lukooms. From day 1, we were strongly convinced that success belongs to our team and that we wanted to share the value of their work between each of them. This is the reason why each Lukooms is granted a few BSPCE (employees stock-options).

The amount of stock-options granted depends on the role and the level of responsability, but each Lukooms has some, no matter the position and the seniority.


We also provide perks applying to all Lukooms, whether they work remotely or not. We decided to go further than the legal basis because we truly believe these perks and policies highly contribute to improve wellness, enhance work-life balance and empower Lukooms:

Swile voucher

Unlimited days-off policy

Alan health insurance

One month second-parent parental leave

Creche possibilities

Moka.care for mental health