<aside> 👨‍⚕️ During my time at Florence, I was charged with leading, aligning and supporting the product design team that was helping Florence, a health tech company focused on supporting workers and employers in care homes and residential care facilities as well as the NHS, offer the best services to both their taskforce and their customers.



Lead Product Designer





UX/UI Design


Design System


Since November 2020, I have been leading the product design team coordinating the design and development of all the product ecosystem as well as the brand from a visual point of view at Florence. As part of my job, not only I have implemented processes to optimise the work of the designers at the company. But also facilitated workshops and managed the development of the designers without stopping designing new and improved features for our products.

Florence core mission was to offer care workers flexibility and transparency when choosing where to work. The first product was developed as a marketplace for care homes and carers and nurses to interact with each other and plan their schedule with the option of working in multiple locations. Today, Florence's product offering covers not only the marketplace (called Florence Flex) but also a training platform where carers and nurses can complete courses, workshops, webinars and soon the Care Certificate (called Florence Academy) and lastly a platform to allow managers to control the schedule, timetables and attendance of internal and agency workers called Florence Rota.

Some of my responsibilities as Lead Product Designer at Florence are: coordinating product teams, ensure the designers have all the materials available to make their best job and the whole team understands the value of design and the power it has in the delivery of improvements in our products and services. Ensure that all the new features are approached from an HCD approach and everyone understands the importance of some of the design processes within the product development process (research, validating ideas, prototyping and iteration).


Over the past few months, and as a way of keeping track of my involvement in the company, below are some of the projects I've worked on ordered by ascending launch date.

7. Design team progression framework

August 2021

As part of the job of the wider team to create a framework for which we could assess the growth and progression of everyone working at florence, I was put in charge with the task of assessing what should make for a designer to grow into their next role while at Florence. This task involved both doing a lot of further research of the industry as well as validating it with the requirements of the product team and the business. This new framework helped shape a more clear set of goals for designers to grow into their next role and together with the people team was released to the wider team and used as framework for other departments such as engineering and product.

6. Re-structure the IA of our B2B apps

July 2021

Since the launch of some key features that added new and updated journeys to our worker app, it was needed an update on the navigation of the app that allowed for those features to be easily discoverables and usable. That's why together with the mobile team and stakeholders closer to the worker experience we re-imagined how the information was structured within the app and updated the navigation patterns to establish a future-proof layout that allowed for those and upcoming features to be more scalable and easy to navigate.

5. Product roadmap strategy and workshop

May 2021

Due to changes on the team and the pandemic persisting and impacting the business, we had to analyse the user journey of all our core users. Then we assessed our focus as a way of impacting the business for growth and reduce churning. This workshop involved an ideation/brainstorming session with some questions in a similar approach to a design system.

4. Redesign of the worker app

April 2021

One of the initiatives of the product team and especially of the mobile team was to change the technology which we use to develop our mobile apps, going from platform-specific development frameworks to platform-agnostic frameworks, we choose Flutter as it's the one that allowed us to scale, test and improve faster.

As part of this initiative, I redesigned the worker app to give it an updated look and feel as well as allocate space for future and more complex features while implementing a design system that could make the lives of both designers and front-end developers easier as it keeps all the components in a single place.