If you read this, first of all, we would like to thank you! You have to know that OpenCTI, OpenEx, OpenCrisis and Hack Me If U Can are projects only maintained by volunteers and no one is working full time on them. So we definitely need your help!

<aside> 💡 We cannot write down every ways to help us. If you are not able to identify yourself in any section, please join the Slack channel and engage with us!



All products created by the Luatix non profit organization are Open Source and free-to-use. In order to create and develop the best possible pieces of software, we have some expenses (Web hosting, Zoom accounts, Continuous Integration, Documentation here on notion.se, etc.) and so we need help from the community.

You can find all information about the different types of memberships, the current members, our official articles directly in the Luatix transparency space. You can also donate or become a member directly using the Open Collective platform. To help us you can either:


For the moment, the OpenEx technical stack relies on programs written in:

Because all our sources are open under the Apache 2 licence, you can easily fork and contribute through pull requests submissions. You can find the project here: https://github.com/OpenEx-Platform to take a look at the core project, the connectors or the client libraries. Some GitHub issues are even marked with the help wanted tag, indicating that we need further help to finish those implementations. Feel free to go ahead, implement that feature and a submit a push request.

To deploy the development stack, please refer to the Environment setup section.

Improving the documentation

Documentation is a hard piece of a software. It is needed to be accurate, well organized, changed frequently and in a collaborative way. In order to have a fast and reliable documentation we choose to build it on notion.so instead of Github. With this choice, becoming an actual contributor to help us on the documentation have a price (8$/month) and so we cannot give an access to everyone that want to help. So If you want to help, the first action you can do is write comments.

That is easy to do and clearly help use to improve the documentation quickly. You can also write some documentation on your notion.so own account and notify us to integrate the page to the official documentation. Depending of your activity, we are able to provide you with a Luatix notion.so account to let you modify the documentation directly.

Sharing your knowledge / helping the community

Last but not least, the easiest way to help us is to share your knowledge and help the community to use / improve the OpenEx platform: