OpenCTI could be deployed for testing purposes with a provided OVA file.

<aside> 💡 For production deployment, we advise you to deploy ElasticSearch and Redis manually in a dedicated environment and then to start the other components using Docker.



Download and launch the VM

The OVA file is available on the Luatix Google Drive folder. It has been pre-configured with the minimal requirements of memory and CPU. Open the OVA file with VirtualBox or convert the OVA to another type of virtual machine image and launch it.

OVA Images

Check containers

Once the VM is launched and has acquired an IP address (DHCP by default) you can:

Stack administration

The dashboard will show you something like:

The status of the stack shows:

All environment variables can be changed using Stack → opencti →editor:


Open the Stack → opencti →editor and replace all version number by the new ones (4.0.2 ⇒ 4.0.3 for instance):

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