Data Retention

Data Access & Segregation

Video data is gated at the application layer. All access to video data (media files, thumbnails, etc.) requires a signed CDN link for each resource which expires after a set amount of time.

User data is gated at the application layer and we employ 100s of tests that run on every build and deploy to ensure only the necessary and privileged information is sent to our clients for any given page.

User data and video data is not physically segregated at the database or storage layers. If this is a security requirement of your team, please contact us at security@loom.com.

3rd-party Data Sharing

We share some user information with 3rd-parties for analytics reasons. That complete list is publicly available here along with the reason for sharing exactly what information we send to these platforms: https://www.loom.com/privacy

We never export video data (raw files, thumbnails, etc.) with any 3rd-parties. All video data stays internal to our systems.

We do not leverage an ad platform and have no intentions of doing so.

Infrastructure Availability