Note: since the writing of this doc (October, 2019), our scale has increased considerably. I could not update the images or charts, but, directionally, this document still rings true.

Loom is empowering people around the world to create quick videos–of their screen, of themselves, or both. More than 4 million users across more than 90,000 companies have recorded and shared a Loom with a coworker or client to get their message across in the most effective, and human, way possible. In order to enhance work communication and bring back its humanity, Loom needs to be available everywhere people get work done.

Our 3 Pillars

There are many use cases for our tool that involve handling sensitive information. Sometimes this information cannot be recovered or replicated. We are now handling many years worth of recording every month. Because of this, Loom needs to be reliable and ethical.

These are the 3 pillars, in priority order, that we care about when it comes to thinking about our devops, infrastructure and tooling at Loom. We will dive into why we chose these three pillars throughout this charter, but they are heavily borrowed from how Netflix thinks about devops in their org, so we highly recommend anyone watch that video if this document strikes a chord.

  1. Reliability
  2. Product Velocity / Developer Happiness
  3. Cost

Our total recording time into our platform over the last 3 years. Each data point is the total recording time added to our platform for that month. This isn't a running total.

I am writing this document because we want to ensure our priorities and principles which determine the way we handle data is held to scrutiny from those outside our org. I also hope engineers who align with the values and priorities laid out here will reach out and join us on this journey. This document is the official internal charter for our infrastructure team.

Table of Contents

  1. We're there for you