Logmore Guardians are suitable for various condition monitoring needs. For high-volume orders, Logmore provides the QR data loggers already configured to your specific needs.

For individual logger configuration, you can use the Logmore Flasher found on the Cloud.

Configuring new settings to the QR data logger will erase its internal memory! To make sure no measurement gets lost, scan the logger before you change the settings.

How to configure loggers and change settings

  1. Log in to your Logmore Cloud account on your phone or PC.
  2. Go to Loggers page and select the logger you want to configure. Don't forget to scan the logger before changing its settings.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 14.25.33.png

  1. In Logger Information, click 📝Edit measurement interval.


  2. Select the new settings (for example, reconfigure logging interval and shock threshold). Click Continue.

  3. Light config ready page will open. New configurations are saved to the database and granted a sequence number (in a growing order with each new configuration). Now you need to use the Logmore Flasher.

Enter config mode 1.mp4

  1. Hold the data logger's multi-use button in the top-right corner for 5 seconds until you see the text "Downloading new config..." on the logger's screen. Check Multi-use button functionality for details.

Light config 2.mp4

  1. Place the logger screen down on the rectangle on your smartphone (or computer) screen. During the configuration, Logmore Flasher blinks black and white "morse code" to the device. This flashing programs the new configuration into the QR data logger device.

    The Logmore Flasher blinks black and white rapidly. If you're sensitive to blinking lights, it's recommended not to look at the screen while the device is flashing.

  2. Wait for the Flasher to confirm successful configuration. Click OK.