A Logmore QR code is capable of holding a lot of data, but long, data-intensive use may fill a QR code more often than it is scanned. In this case, you will see gaps in measurements when reviewing a mission on Logmore Cloud.

The data is not lost when a QR code is filled. Instead, old, "full" QR codes are safely stored as history QR codes on the Logmore Guardian.

Here is how you can scan history QR codes and upload data to Logmore Cloud.

Quick guide

Click twice the multi-use button on the top right corner of the logger.

The screen updates, and "History #01" QR code is shown on the screen.

Scan the history QR code.

Click the link that appears on your screen upon scanning. Now the data from this QR code is uploaded to the Cloud.

Click the multi-use button once to access the next history code, "History #02". Scan the code and click the link. Continue until all history QR codes are scanned and uploaded to the Cloud.

When there are no more history QR codes left, you will see "End of history. Returning live" screen. Click once to return to the normal view.

Accessing history QR codes

To browse the historical QR codes, enter the history mode.

History QR 1.mp4

  1. Click the Multi-use button functionality twice to access the old QR codes in the normal operation view of the logger.
  2. Make sure "History #01" is shown on the screen and scan the QR code.
  3. Click the link that appears on the screen upon scanning. Now the data from this QR code is uploaded to the Cloud.

The QR logger keeps logging even outside the "normal operation view". You can browse the historical QRs without worrying about losing data.

You can recognize the normal operation view from the QR code and the current temperature shown on the logger screen. History screens have the text "History #X" where the temperature value would be shown.

Browsing the history view

When you have accessed the history view, simply clicking the Multi-use button functionality once shows the next history page.

To return to the normal operation view, just long press (over 2 seconds) on any history screen. The logger resumes normal operation view after 3 minutes of inactivity in the history view.