Missions list page shows the status of each of your missions including and any information you define to be shown. The page helps you to quickly understand what is going on with your shipments and to analyse your shipment data efficiently. Missions list page also has a variety of helpful filtering options.

Add filters to Missions list


On Missions list page, select "Filter results". A new window "Filter results" will open.


Click the first dropdown selection on the left and specify which data field you want to filter the results by. After this, fill in rest of the condition to specify which types of missions you want to be shown in**.**

In the example of the picture you are seeing missions whose last scan location was Helsinki.

You may add multiple filters. To do this, click "Add filter".


Similarly, as with the first filter, select the data field for the filter and then the more detailed condition. In the example of the picture, we have created a filter for Missions with alerts and latest scan location in Helsinki from the last 7 days.

Once you are ready, click "Apply changes" and you will see the Missions list view with your filters being applied: