<aside> 🏷 Branding process step-by-step from first logo drafts to the actual results. Each step is embeded into this page and can be easily previewed


Initial Task

Development of a brand for Assaf's new super-cool product (business): https://seasteaddigital.com/

So, there will be the need of deep branding (brand creation), logo creation, and after all — design of a website.

Seastead Digital, a subscription-based community solution that protects content creators in a time of increasing censorship and de-platforming by traditional media companies and online streaming services.


Now we need logo and concept!

We give power to creators, not platforms.

Naming — locals.com to build business around the multidimensional in terms of meaning word.

(common meaning: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Locals)

Key Visuals step-by-step

Step #1: Logo drafts

Step #1: Logo drafts

Step #2: Logobook / Branding

Step #2: Logobook / Branding

The Locals: Full brand presentation

The Locals: Full brand presentation

Locals.com: first public showtime