In order to use the platform, you need to connect it with your data sources like an S3 bucket, Postgresql ****database, Segment API, Redshift or one of the many different types of integrations supported. We aim to make our integration process quick and easy so that you can spend less time on ingesting your data and spend more time on deriving insights from it.

What Kind Of Data Do We Need?

User Events

Events that a user does on a mobile app or website geo-tagged in order to understand area-level funnel conversions Data.

<aside> 💡 Sample User Data.


Mandatory Columns in User Events Data:

The event can have other attributes associated with it, but they are not mandatory.

Use Cases with User Events: Understanding user behavior such as installs, searches, bookings, user churn, revenue, cancellations, conversation rate— across geo, time, and categories.

Supply Events

Rider status along with lat-long and timestamp at a fixed frequency. This powers analysis on time spent by rider in different locations

<aside> 💡 Sample Rider Data


Mandatory Columns in Rider Pings Data:

The rider can have other attritbutes associated with it, but they are not mandatory.