LoanCrate is a US based, fintech startup building operations software for mortgage lenders.

When and Where We Work

At LoanCrate, we want to work with the best people regardless of where they live, so we’ve decided to be a remote company. Currently we have team members in the US, India and the UK.

As a remote team, we care more about how much people get done than the hours or schedule that they work. However, to optimize time zone overlap for quick feedback, our teammates in India typically work later hours IST and our teammates in the US start their days early. We minimize meetings but do have some early-morning PT meetings attended by folks across all time zones.

As teammates of an early-stage startup, we find ourselves doing a bit of voluntary work on weekends from time to time but it is not the norm. Expected working days are Monday - Friday.

Tech Stack

Nearly all of our code is written in TypeScript. We use React on the frontend, Node/Express on the backend (running inside Docker), GraphQL/Apollo on both sides, and Postgres as our database. We use AWS (ECS, RDS, ElastiCache, SNS, and more) and manage all of our infrastructure with Terraform.

We believe that high engineering velocity drives high product velocity (and, in turn, our success as a company 😄). Keeping this in mind, we've invested heavily in creating a great developer experience that enables engineers to ship fast. Some highlights of our stack:

We are looking for senior software engineers with extensive full-stack JavaScript experience who are comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment. If this sounds like you, we should chat!