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Are you tired of feeling lost and disconnected from your true purpose? Do you struggle to make decisions and trust your instincts? It's time to tap into the power of Human Design and unleash your full potential!

My name is Lindsey Means and I’m so excited you’re here! In this document, you will find the details of the Embody Your Big 3 Mentorship, which is suitable for both new and experienced Human Design learners.

I believe that there are only three critical aspects of Human Design that you need to understand to live your best life. During this three-week program, I will guide you through these key concepts.

Please watch the video below, where I share my background with Human Design and what you can expect from this mentorship.

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🔍 Vision

Embody Your Big 3 Mentorship is a transformative program designed to help you fully understand and embody your Big 3 in Human Design. This mentorship will teach you the only 3 essential components of your Human Design that you need to know to start experiencing real change in your life.

In just 3 weeks, you will develop a deep understanding of your unique energy, decision-making process, and strategy for success. By the end of this mentorship, you will have a new, empowered perspective on yourself and the world around you, and you'll be able to trust your body and live in alignment with your Human Design.

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✨ This mentorship includes the following: