The Ryder Prototype Simulator is an app that runs on your desktop and simulates the Ryder_V2 prototype. It runs the real firmware and behaves exactly like the physical device.


Firmware version 0.0.2

macOS Big Sur

Universal binary

Windows 10

64 bits


x86 - 64 bits

Getting started (macOS / Linux)

  1. Download the simulator for your platform and unzip the contents of the archive into a folder.

  2. You can double-click the simulator to run it, but it is easier to use your favourite terminal emulator and execute it from the folder. If you double-click it on macOS and get a security warning, scroll down for details.

  3. The simulator should start and present you with the following screen:

  4. Look at the terminal screen for a message as follows:

    RyderProto_V2 Simulator starting.
    Opened virtual serialport on: /dev/ttys002
  5. Install the Ryder CLI:

    Ryder Prototype CLI

  6. Issue the setup command to initialise a wallet:

    $ ryder-cli-proto --ryder-port /dev/ttys002 setup 

macOS security warning

The Ryder Simulator is an unsigned application, so macOS might block it depending on the way it is opened. If you see a warning like below without the option to run the application, head to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General tab → Click "Open Anyway".

Getting started (Windows)