We’re enabling everyone to answer their own data questions.

Having the right data at the right time is a powerful thing. We’re building a Business Intelligence tool that’s configurable for the SQL experts & intuitive for the rest so everyone can feel empowered by their data, instead of overwhelmed by it. We want to get rid of the analyst bottlenecks, unfriendly user experiences, and crazy price tags of BI tools today and build an open source BI tool for the whole team.

Building the future of BI in our virtual office!

Building the future of BI in our virtual office!

Our diverse team has helped build businesses at Uber, Monzo and Tray. We’re backed by world-class investors and operators including Y Combinator and the early backers of companies like Airbnb, Klarna, Supercell, GitLab and Skyscanner. We know what it takes to build products enjoyed by millions of people across the world. But, in order for us to achieve our mission, we need to find like-minded people who care about the same things we do - that’s where you come in.

Check out our open roles below.

<aside> 🎁 Referrals: If you know anyone who might be a good fit for any of our positions, please let us know! If you refer a friend who ends up joining Lightdash, we'll give you £2,000.


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Early stage startups can be messy – we know that. We're putting effort in providing you with the best employee experience and a quality driven environment in exchange for trusting us.

<aside> 🧨 You can have a big impact at an early stage company (we’re a team of 7 at the moment) and learn loads along the way.


<aside> 💸 Salary - We're competitive with compensation!


<aside> 📈 Equity - We provide meaningful equity to all team members so you own a part of the company.