Marketing teams are continually pressed to have a better understanding of their audience. One way for them to shape their idea of the customer is to validate the impact of UX and messaging changes. This allows them to confirm or disprove the hypothesis that they have about the audience. At the same time, they need to be sensitive about how much the process impacts their time to delivery. They need a solution that easily fits into their existing workflow while adding as little overhead as possible.

Another pain point with A/B testing is regarding whether to perform server-side or client-side tests. Traditionally, client-side tests offer marketers the ability to create the tests themselves,

Use Case

A marketing team has a hypothesis that changing their messaging on a page for a particular segment will improve its clickthrough rate of the CTA. Ideally, they want to utilize the native experience management that the DXP offers to create the variation with the improved messaging, then test if the variation significantly affected the clickthrough rate of the CTA.



A/B Test Use Cases

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