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As of July 31st, we are 25 full-time team members and a handful of contractors. Steady hiring continues to be a priority, and we are looking forward to four new hires across Engineering and Legal joining us in August.

Welcome Chris Jones

We're welcomed Chris Jones to our team in mid-July. Chris was already a familiar name to us – he's been an active Levels community member since Fall 2020, sharing robust and helpful insights, feedback, and suggestions through his experience.

He was most recently Head of Support Engineering & Analytics at Google Health and has deep hardware, product launch, and analytics experience from time at Nest, Beartooth, Zynga, and Intuit. We're thrilled to welcome him to the team!

I've seen a wide range of successes and failures through 25+ years in support, analytics, and voice of the customer roles, but throughout there has been one constant; focus on the customer and the rest will follow.

My path to Levels is two-fold. Two years ago, I donated my kidney to a friend in need and was thrust into the world of nutrition and its impact on chronic diseases and what diet changes Scott and I needed to make to improve our health post-surgery. My other was rooted in sports performance and the impacts of nutrition on training and race day. How could I go from running an Ironman one month to being sidelined the next after only a 1 mile jog.

My Levels ah-ha moment came right away seeing that it wasn't an issue of what I ate pre-run but WHEN. Eating a mid-afternoon snack then going for a jog an hour later was a recipe for disaster. It's amazing how small tweaks can make a huge difference. I am truly honored to be a part of this team and our mission to solve the metabolic health crisis.

🚀 Product

In July we shipped support for the Dexcom G6 sensor system with an intent to learn from a limited number of subscribers and new members. We'll plan to report findings in mid-August. We also doubled down on new concept exploration seeking to learn quickly while we're still pre-launch.

Development started on our first social concept and we kicked off experiments based on feedback to improve the core guided journey with positive scoring and meal insights. Our foundational information architecture investment progressed nicely, with engineering about 3/4th finished and design complete for the remaining piece -- the dashboard.

We made several scale and product refinement improvements to get ready for launch, from automated identity verification to bringing the weekly report in-app. Finally, we decided to switch Levels to a membership model, and project considerations are now under way.

📶 Dexcom Integration

We achieved our top objective of launching pilot support for Dexcom G6 with an intent to learn. A few hundred Levels subscribers and new members were offered a two month experience with Dexcom, and we’ve been gathering feedback for review mid August. In July, we finished support for new members by adding an in-app onboarding flow for Dexcom and better supported subscription flows with automated fulfillment efforts.

👥 Social Concepts

In July we prioritized experimentation around social concepts. From the earliest days of our beta, we’ve heard consistent feedback from members that they want to engage with friends, family, people with similar interests, and the broader community spanning a variety of use cases. We think there is potential for a social platform with Levels, so we’ve started testing a variety of concepts. We expect this experimentation to continue for some time, while we learn from members.

👥 Social: Me with Levels Team 🧪

We piloted a new group realtime glucose view where a member can see their glucose trace and recent zones next to the members of the Levels team who have opted-in to sharing. This concept came from feedback around friends who like to share their results around shared meals as well as from positive feedback on a passive-consumption social path (where members want to see how people similar to them spend their time). For now, this concept is internal only, but we plan to offer a limited alpha in August.

👥 Social: Group Challenges 🧪