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Investor team,

We had another strong month in December. Our waitlist signup rate has continued to accelerate, reaching 68k by the end of the month; our content and SEO efforts are becoming an increasingly large percentage of our inbound, which bodes well for long-term sustainable revenue growth in the future; we released a number of highly requested features; we managed to keep up development velocity over the holidays; and our members are still generating a huge amount of user generated content.


Our current top priority is to find a Lead Designer. If you know any great designers who might be interested in complimentary access to Levels to try it out for themselves 🎁 please connect me (sam@levelshealth.com) with them directly—even if they aren’t looking for a new job. In my experience, the best people all know the best people, so they likely have someone great in their network that is looking.

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December saw several major feature releases despite the usual holiday slowdown. We encouraged everyone on the team to take at least a week off during the month of December :) We shipped a major infrastructure change: persisted zones, which unlocked unlimited catalog history and faster zone retrieval.

Aligned with our Q4 objective to help people understand what to do to improve, we launched sleep context as well as in-app education content with built-in search and a new design for our zone details page, which frees up space to associate contextual education material above the fold. Among other features, we also enabled Levels members to refer friends in-app as well as gift Levels.

🛌 Sleep Sync

Levels members can now sync sleep data from Apple Health or Google Fit. Sleep appears as icons on the dashboard graph in the Levels app:


In future releases, we’ll expand sleep features to provide context on the interplay of glucose and sleep quality to help make better health decisions.

🧹 Redesigned Zone Details page

We redesigned the zone details page, primarily to make space above the fold for an contextual education feed to help members understand what their response means and what to do instead to improve. The new design also solves for common feedback that members didn’t know they could compare zones. Finally, we’ve seen a significant increase in members sharing the screen on Instagram as well with its overall more polished look.


In January, we’ll add education content to this view, with topics such as “What glucose spikes mean” and “Learn the principles of improving glucose control”.

📖 In-App Content