UPDATE October 28, 2022:

Note that there is a new memo written after this one— Levels Editorial Strategy - February 2022 —but that document does not replace this one. This document—particularly the Strategic section—remains the foundation for Levels Editorial Strategy. The new document is an updated priorities list for 2022.

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Priorities for this document

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Section III: Content in product

Section IV: Everyone on Content


The purpose of this memo is to align the company on the purpose and goals of content for Levels for at least the next six months, the strategic considerations under those goals, and the tactical plan for accomplishing them.

As this is a relatively new effort, it represents best current thinking but has some volatility inherent. For example, the SEO activity we plan to engage in may shift some of the cadence or topic targets.

So the first of two primary sections in this document is the Strategic section. This contains foundational ideas—those less likely to shift and to act as guardrails even as tactical priorities change and, hopefully, apply beyond the initial six-month scope of this document.

The second section is Tactical, which describes how we plan to execute on those strategic ideas but is more subject to revision as we go.

Additional sections at the end cover adjacent areas: Product Content and Employee Content.

Priorities for this document: