Thank you for using Letsee WebAR SDK.

Letsee WebAR SDK helps developers to create and publish AR contents in the web environment. One of the most significant features of Letsee WebAR SDK is that web interaction and event control can be used inside AR contents as it is, so that web contents that operate on the AR environment can be created without any additional help. Please follow the tutorials below to understand how to create AR content. Add your ideas and know-hows to create your own WebAR content. Let's go and LETSEE where it bring us^^

[Eng] Getting Started

[Eng] Development Environment Setup

[Eng] Start Letsee WebAR SDK engine

[Eng] Recognition Target recognition (entity) management

[Eng] TrackEvent

[Eng] XRElement

[Eng] 3D Object

Check out demo project created with Letsee WebAR SDK.