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Thanks for applying to be a coding fellow this summer! This document describes the interview process so you know what to expect.


There are a lot of problems with how interviews commonly work in the tech industry. We want to do better. Here are our guiding principles during this interview process:

Our interview will be broken down into three steps: An application, a quick interview, and a final interview.


Key details:

We try to keep the application process as simple as possible. The only part that might require a bit of time is the writing prompt where we ask: Pick a technical topic that you've learned while learning to code, and imagine you had to explain that topic to a non-technical friend. Please write that explanation here.

We ask that writing prompt because we’re looking for people who are both technically-minded and strong communicators. We want to see how you think and talk about tech. Just try to use clear language that anyone could understand. Because there’s a limit of 500 words, we aren’t expecting you to get into the nitty gritty tech details, so it’s fine if you simplify/abstract the topic to make it easier to explain.

Intro interview

Key details: