1) What is BeyondExams?

Our motto: Learn anything you want, teach everything you know.

2) How do I use BeyondExams?

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  1. Our offerings:
  1. why should i create a profile on Beyond Exams if i have other platforms like LinkedIn to perform the similar task?


  1. Same reason why you create a profile on Behance, on your own portfolio website, etc. Because you can add things on those websites that you can't have on Linkedin. If users start creating courses, or learning from courses, or getting certificates, etc., they would be more interested to show others their work.
  2. Users can use our profile as their resume. Yes they can also share their linkedin, but just because Yahoo existed back in 1990s, did that stop Google from continue building a much better search engine? 🙂
  3. If we partner with some job / internship platform like Internshala, companies, etc., users would want to fill their profiles so that it looks attractive to these companies / employers.