We want to create an environment that encourages good health and general wellbeing.

We want people to feel safe and supported.

What do we do to support health and wellbeing?

FYI — In our internal handbook this page starts with key support phone numbers people can call in case of need.

Time off

We care about your physical & mental health. You'll recover better if you take care of yourself — pushing yourself to work when you're unfit will be stressful and unhelpful.

Learning & Wellbeing budget

People on a permanent contract can avail our health cash plan. There, they can avail all sorts of treatments.

Not on the health cash plan? That's ok. They can check out the NHS services that match their needs.

Check out the "Wellbeing" tag on Learnerbly user restricted access — We live in a fast paced world, where it's easy to forget to take proper care of your mind and body. We hope these resources will be helpful to manage stress, develop the mind and stay resilient when it gets tough

Flexible work

Sometimes when not feeling 100% it can help to skip or delay the morning commute, whether it's to bulk up on restorative sleep, avoid spreading germs or because you need a homely kind of quiet.

Typically, everyone at Learnerbly can Work From Home once a week after they've completed their probation.