🤔 Why are we talking about periods in the workplace?

This page is here to help destigmatise the dialogue and encourage everyone to feel comfortable with doing what it takes to get better. Why?

1- we spend a lot of time in the workplace

2- periods don't accommodate to anyone's meetings schedule

TL;DR Talking about menstruations and adapting your worklife around it is ok

Historically, periods have been leveraged to exclude females from work environments designed for and by men. If men were regarded as the norm, then the inherited assumption is that everyone should be able to perform at their full potential across the month

As an inheritance, the dialogue can be stigmatised and it can be difficult being comfortable doing whatever you need to feel better. But menstruating can impact both physical and mental health, anywhere from relatively and substantially, varying between individuals and cycles

If you're feeling unwell, do what you need to feel better! Whether it's making use of our flexible working policy or going for a walk around the block for a breather or even to take sick leave.

Period complications are a thing, no one expects you to work with crippling cramps or a migraine - no matter the cause.


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