🤔 Why?

📚 /Learned This command lets us share our learnings with each other. For all things helpful, from excel hacks to random facts!

🛠 How?

We can use the /Learned from any channel we're on, add via and specify the learning method! The sender will receive a notification as their learning is instantly posted to our #Learnings Slack channel, and everyone will be able to see it and learn too

They should include a learning e.g. how to tie shoelaces, followed by via and the method they learnt through, eg: the rabbit ears method


🦶 Next steps...

We track when a person shares a Learning: that gives them points towards the Bounty challenge!

💡 What's Slack again?

Slack is an instant messaging tool. Mainly used for chatting without having to shout across the room, but sometimes getting up and sitting next to your interlocutor solves the issue way better. Slack is great to search and share information organised by theme (# channels) and great for quick Qs and awesome Gifs