🤔 What?

This Slack command lets us virtually high-five each other. For all things which deserve celebration, from bringing biscuits to onboarding a new client!

🤓 Why?

It's a user-friendly way to celebrate each other's achievements in a transparent, real-time way. Feedback is also about encouraging people when they do something awesome! #gratitudematters

🛠 How?

We can use the /High-Five from any Slack channel we're on. How it works is we tag the person we want to high-five and say why, and both employees will receive a notification as the High-Five is instantly posted to our #High-Five Slack channel

Include a person e.g. @Marie, or a group of people using , e.g. @Marie, @Bob, @Amal followed by for and the reason youʼre high fiving them. Your message should look something like this:


Yeah, let's be radically candid, this examples was not picked at random

🦶 Next steps...

We don't track when a person receives a high-fives, because we created this bot to celebrate each other and drive engagement.