🤔 What?

An all-team meeting — yes, it takes more than two zoom screens for everyone to fit in!

Every Friday between 16:00 - 17:00 UK time — and after that, we're freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

🤓 Why?


Share learnings & wins, having the time and focus to hear what each team has to share, facilitate dicsussion and avoid the Wins being a recap of the PPPs.


As we grew past 30 people and became full-remote on the back of COVID-19, it became increasingly challenging for each team to have enough time during al all-team meeting to share their learnings and celebrate their achievements.

Be impact focussed, facilitate dialogue, ensure everyone preps and puts some thought into it

🛠 How?

There's a new format in town since 17/07/2020:

5mins — People log in

1min — Stretch!

10mins — Updates (eg. new joiners, PPP hlighlights)

15mins — Every week, a specific team presents their learnings, successes, challenges, and/or PDP progress to the wider team. Each team uses its 20mins as they see fit.

The whole team must participate, it shouldn't be a person's personal story, but can be split any possible way between a team-wide story or multiple individual ones.

15mins — The team can gather feedback on what they presented, ask for feedback, advice or guidance from the wider team, use this time to lead a discussion on a specific topic, however they think will add the most value to all participants, collaboratively and constructively. T

MC Krebsy is responsible to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to share.

15mins — Fun fact or Who am I