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The Super Wallet for Cosmos is here! And public beta testing is live now. We are releasing bug fixes and new features at lightning speed. In case you found any, feel free to share your feedback/ideas in our Discord server.

<aside> ⚠️ Note: The extension is still in beta. We recommend you test on Testnet. Or if using Mainnet, only make transactions in small amounts. Happy exploring !


Features Live

  1. Currently Supported Chains - Juno, Secret Network, Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Akash, Axelar, e-money, Persistence, Stargaze, Sifchain, Sommelier, umee, Asset Mantle, Kujira, Injective, Sei, Stride, cheqd and LikeCoin
  2. Onboarding Flow : Create a new wallet/Import existing Keplr/Cosmostation Wallet through a mnemonic or seed phrase/Import your Ledger account
  3. Home - Wallet Balance : Native and IBC tokens on the chain
  4. Create/switch between multiple wallets or import a private key
  5. Manage chains : Option to hide or re-order chains
  6. View customised transaction history
  7. In-wallet Governance : view & vote on governance proposals
  8. In-wallet Staking : view current delegations, stake/unstake/restake
  9. Native Transfers along with IBC support
  10. Address Book for frequently used addresses
  11. Dark/Light Theme support
  12. Expanded View support to access the wallet in the browser tab