<aside> 👋 Hey there!

Not sure how you came across this link, but I'm glad you did. We're hiring here at team Lazer and would love to have you!

Read through the doc below, and if you end up interested, send an email to shivam@lazertechnologies.com and ashish@lazertechnologies.com with some info about yourself


Who Are You?

We're Lazer, a team of ~65 engineers that loves building products for ourselves and for some of the best companies in the world

In 2019 we sold our first company, Fiix (you can read about it here), but we didn't want to stop working together after the sale, we wanted to keep building without the weight of meeting investor expectations, nor the stress from a typical "job"

So we started our next company, Lazer, where we get to:

Okay I Like It, Who Are You Looking For?


We're particularly interested in the breed of software engineer who: