What are you launching?

On Thursday, we will officially launch our all-new Layer3 platform experience. Everything from how you discover Quests on our Home Page to the experience of completing Quests themselves has been reimagined to help users of all levels of crypto-literacy learn and explore the world of web3.

What does this mean for me?

You’ll see lots of exciting new Quests, and an improved experience in browsing and completing Quests. Our older Quests will be archived as we migrate to our new and improved format.

Will all my progress be saved?

Yes! We made sure to preserve your progress. Your XP, level, leaderboard rank, achievements, completed Quests, GM streak all carry over to the new platform. You will NOT have to start over.

What happened to all of the older Quests?

These have been archived to smoothly migrate the platform. You won’t be able to view them, but all your progress and previous Quest completions remain.

Will there be more Quests?

Definitely. To start, we’ll be releasing new Quests, in the new format, every few hours until our full launch on Thursday. Some of these will contain actions from previous Quests and others will feature completely new ones. If you’ve used Layer3 before today, you’ll mostly be able to verify your previous actions.

I was in the middle of completing an older Quest. Does that mean I can’t complete it any more?

We understand that some users may have older Quests they still want to complete. However, to ensure that users have the highest quality experience on Layer3, we have archived older Quests. Remember: Your progress on these Quests still remains. Your achievements, NFTs, and XP will still show on your profile and in the platform.

If you are in the middle of an old Quest but can’t finish them anymore, we understand your frustration - we plan to make up for it in the coming weeks!