Welcome to my 2nd brain

I started using this late 2019 or early 2020.

I try to really think this as a second brain by writing everything. I try to keep it somewhat organized for myself and hopefully it's organized enough for you to read it. There might be a lot of things that don't make sense if you don't understand the context of what I was doing at the time but I believe there is still a lot of value in sharing everything publicly.

I'm a human and I will change my opinions when I learn more and become wiser which means that there might be some older notes (or even just a few days) which I don't agree with anymore. It's hard to change everything without spending hours everyday reviewing everything I have written which is why I can't solve that problem atm. If you don't agree with my comments or opinions I'm always interested to talk and learn why I'm wrong.

You can contact me: elias@lankinen.xyz

At the moment I'm receiving around ten emails a day meaning that I will answer every messages the same day. I can't promise to continue this in case I start to get more emails. Happy to get even random emails from random people.

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