Welcome to the Lambda School Learner Guide! This is a living, breathing document designed to help Learners on their Lambda School journey. As Lambda School evolves, we will update the information in this Guide. If a Learner ever has concerns or feedback about how a change affects them, or suggestions for additional content to include in the Learner Guide, please reach out to Learner Success via /frontdesk on Slack.

Lambda School 101

Mission, Objectives, Values

Setting up your accounts for Lambda School

ISA & Finance Information

Lambda School Glossary

Tools & Platforms


Code of Conduct

Academic Policies


Accessibility & Accommodations

Legal and Regulatory Information

Course Catalogs

Lambda School Email & Slack Migration

Learner Life @ Lambda School

Learner Journey Overview

Full and Part-Time Schedules

Learner Support

Community @ Lambda School

Career Preparation & Support

Career Readiness

🎓 Graduation Requirements

💎 Career Support

🚀 Job Search

🔎Job Search Student Handbook

Learning @ Lambda School