We're looking for a Backend Developer to join our team in India. The role provides a unique and challenging opportunity to work on various products within Kula helping recruiters move faster and be more productive while hiring high quality candidates.

What is Kula ?

Kula is a Recruitment Automation platform that automates outbound hiring for fast-growing organisations, increasing the recruiter yield by at least 50% and hence impacting the bottom line.

Kula helps you build a vast talent pool by unifying candidates from previously scattered sources. And then automate multiple nudges and timely follow-ups in an intuitive workflow.

It puts an end to dozens of spreadsheet trackers, siloed mailboxes, and data darkness of your recruitment funnel.

How you’ll be contributing to our Engineering team:

Build Kula with us and take it to the next stage of scale. We want to change how more than 70% of candidates are hired in the world. You will be building a platform that can stand the test of scale without compromising on user experience.

What does it take?