<aside> ⁉️ What if there was a Krause House for every sport?

We’re working w/ incredible projects in ALL sports to share knowledge & resources to accomplished our mutual lofty goals in web3 x sports.

Why do this?

We’ve built an incredibly talented community bringing this vision to reality. We have teams re: legal, decentralized sports operations team, gov, onboarding, community, & more. We're creating a model to align incentives + share resources, insights, & talent.


🚀 Announcement Tweet

🎙️ Listen to Krause House DAO Podcast #25 - Introducing KH Accelerator

✍️ Trying to buy a team as a DAO? Are you defining the future of sports? We’d like to chat. Contact commodore#0145 on Discord if you’d like to be part of the next cohort


📽️ Media Day Recording - hear from our incredible cohort #1.

Check out their missions & join their community👇

The Players Company / Bank DAO (💰,😎)

Signing Day 💰🎓