💼 Project Brief

The goal for the G League Exploration project is to serve as a feasibility study for KH's entry into the G League as a team owner. Though the primary goal is exploratory in nature, we also hope to establish relationships within the G League community that could progress beyond the original scope of the project. Our hope with the project is to:

  1. Gain a robust understanding of the relevant factors impacting team ownership, including regulatory, economic, and technical aspects
  2. Connect with G League owners, front office employees, and other relevant parties to glean insights on best practices and DAO ownership possibilities
  3. Establish initial relationships within the G League community to get KH on the radar for future opportunities

By the end of Season 2, we hope to produce the following deliverables:

  1. A report detailing the various paths to ownerships, the implications of each approach, potential targets, capital requirements, League considerations, and tangible next steps for each approach depending on what the DAO views as the most attainable/desirable
  2. Collateral, in the form of a one-pager or similar marketing material, detailing the add value Krause House provides to potential partners, including but not limited to the G League. This collateral will supplement our outreach to G League stakeholders and can be used for tangentially related outreach campaigns to other leagues like the WNBA
  3. Depending on the interest from G League and organizations, we hope to forge new relationships via cold outreach and warm connections surfaced from the DAO’s members. We hope these relationships will yield feedback on what the DAO would need to do to be seriously considered as an owner
    1. Ideally, we will make contact with pertinent stakeholders and convince them to meet with us via video calls. In this case, we can source questions from KH contributors and record the calls to glean insights

💸 Contributor Compensation

We are receiving 300 $KRAUSE as a base compensation to complete the aforementioned work in the Project Brief. To further incentivize our project team to exceed base goals, we are eligible to receive the following milestone-based compensation:

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