The Kpler Engineering Team is always on the search for great engineers across all our Engineering Tribes. This guide is designed to give all candidates interested in our engineering vacancies some insights into our process and what we look for at Kpler!

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🤝 The Recruiter Screen

In this stage you will meet with one of our talent team members or one of our selected agency partners. In this call you will get some insights into Kpler, our Engineering Team and the position, as well as go through your experience to date.

🧠 Initial Engineering Manager Meeting

In our first interview you will meet with one of our Engineering Management Team.

In this interview our team will be looking to learn more about your motivations to join Kpler, your technical expertise, your compatibility with our team and your soft skills essential to working in a productive environment.

To best prepare for your interview we recommend that you research the Kpler Website and take some time to think about the work you have been involved in and what impact that could have at Kpler.

If the team are excited to continue the process you will be sent one of our Kpler Engineering exercises!

💻 The Kpler Engineering Challenge

Our next step is a chance for you to show off your skills and how you approach technical problems. We will send you a take home exercise, centered around some of the types of challenges you might face in your day to day work at Kpler.

You will be joined by members of our engineering team who will assess your submission.

We will be looking to evaluate:

We request that you aim to submit your challenge within 1 week but please keep us informed if you need some additional time.

👪 Meet the Team

In the final interview you will have a chance to connect with the wider engineering team.

You will be joined by some of your prospective team members and they will be looking to evaluate how well you would fit into one of our squads.