KP Kaszubowski (formerly known as Kristin Peterson) was born in the year of the snake. Find full artist bio at the bottom of this page.






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KP Kaszubowski (she/her) is a poet, filmmaker, playwright, and writing instructor. Her debut poetry collection somnieeee was published in 2019 by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, and her debut feature film Ringolevio premiered in 2020 at Dances With Films in Los Angeles. Her previous poetry has been published (as Kristin Peterson) by pitymilk pressGreat Lakes Review, dancing girl press, *Juked, Flag + Void, ICHNOS,* and elsewhere. She is currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Eastern Washington University where she teaches rhetoric, composition, and creative writing courses and is pursuing a graduate certificate in Disability Studies.

I am currently developing my Master of Fine Arts - Creative Writing (Poetry) thesis under a fake name “some body!” (that may become the real name), a hybrid poetry / memoir book. If you’d like to follow along with my research, here is the Notion site where I am gathering sources and taking notes: some body!

I defend this thesis in Spring ‘23.