Privacy Statement

KOONG establishes and complies with the following personal information protection policy to protect users' personal information provided for their services.

The personal information protection policy may be changed to change related laws or for better service, and the changed contents can be viewed through this site at any time.

Personal information

Personal information is information about a living individual, and information that can identify the individual by the name and resident registration number contained in the information (even if the information alone cannot identify a specific individual, it can be easily combined with other information to including those that can be identified). In other words, it refers to any information that represents a factual judgment and evaluation of an individual's beliefs, body, property, social status, status, etc.

Personal information items and collection methods

KOONG operates a membership system for better service. Accordingly, we receive the required items such as name, resident registration number, contact information, address, and e-mail, and Kung Management is deemed to have agreed to the collection of personal information if you sign up in accordance with the privacy policy or terms of use.

Purpose of collection and use of personal information

KOONG requests only minimum information from members and does not collect sensitive personal information that may infringe on users' basic human rights. The reason KOONG collects your personal information is to use it only for other marketing activities such as securing basic information for service provision, content reservation and payment, service implementation, and useful information for new product or event information.

Provision of information to third parties

KOONG does not provide or share members' personal information with third parties. It may be provided in a form that cannot be identified by each individual at the request of the relevant government agency or for delivery, academic research, market research, and statistical data preparation.

Reading, correction and disposal of personal information

Members can view or modify registered members' personal information at any time, and can request membership withdrawal. You can view, modify, or dispose of it directly on the site at any time.

Period of retention and use of personal information