1. Can I register my music on KOONG?

▶Yes, KOONG is a community site where you can play and sell your music to other users.

  1. How do I upload it?

▶ First, you can sign up as a member, fill out the payout, and proceed with the upload.

For more information, please use the tutorial.

  1. Can I edit the music after purchasing it?

▶ Editing is not possible except for simple editing such as length adjustment and volume adjustment.

If the fact that it was edited illegally is known, it may be regarded as illegal use and legal problems may arise.

  1. How can I refund or cancel?

▶ Sorry. Refund is difficult because you have already downloaded it. Please purchase carefully and download.

  1. What kind of music do you have?

▶ There are many genres and moods of music to use for different scenes and situations. In addition, there are song songs and Effects, so please use various tags and various filters to find the music you want.

  1. I want to share KOONG music with my acquaintances.

▶ Please cite the source and share.