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design & build the future of the consumer internet

there's a renewed interest in a more contextual, associative, networked future for the internet. one that breaks us from restrictive digital gardens. one that's healthier, freer and safer. a lot of that hinges on how we express ourselves online & how what we express is curated.

we're on a mission to build a creative layer on the internet.

a layer that restores our open digital gardens. a layer where content isn't ephemeral, but appreciates over time as context and connections are added. a layer that creates new opportunities for you and recognizes creative labor. a layer that helps us get to a more serendipitous web.

that's why we're building koodos, and we'd love your help.

we started with a product that lets users add emotional context as indexes or tags to music. we have bold ambitions & it's still day 1.

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who are we?

we're Jad Esber & Brandon Baraban

together we combine expertise in computer science, product building, the creator economy, internet history, memes, poetry, jazz & skateboarding. 👐 we have experience at Google, YouTube & Facebook and did geeky stuff at Cambridge, Harvard & MIT. 🤓

we're backed by a number of awesome investors and entrepreneurs, including TQ Ventures (Scooter Braun, Schuster Tanger & Andrew Marks), Mark Pincus, Joel Flory (via Accel), Backend Capital, Next10 Ventures, Rough Draft Ventures (backed by General Catalyst), G9 Ventures, Riaz Valani and other inspiring folks.

we're affiliated to the iLab and the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard.

we're currently based in boston. open to hiring (US-based) remote.

who are you?

you're a scrappy generalist that loves building creative products. you're proactive. you're interested in knowledge graphs and great ux. you have an eye for good design. you are comfortable iterating very quickly. you value diversity (in every meaning of the word). you are collaborative and naturally lead without authority. 👉👈

what you'll do: