Our Story of Turning Students Into Founders

👋 Welcome to Kodiak Ventures!

We are WashU's first venture studio. Our team has been observing the university's entrepreneurial ecosystem and has seen it for what it truly is: a nascent environment in need of more encouragement. There is not enough offered here for students to found startups, let alone be a part of one.

We're here to change that. We aim to become a bastion of encouragement, support, and enthusiasm for all students who are interested in participating somewhere along the spectrum of early-stage tech ventures. This spectrum ranges from directly building a startup as a founder or founding team member to scouting and funding startups as a venture capitalist. Both sides of this spectrum (and everything in between) are becoming increasingly important to how business occurs as software eats the world (credit to A16Z for that one). WashU students deserve true exposure and experience in this space.

We come to the table with three main branches of operations, consisting of funding, fellowship, and talent. Despite our presence in three areas with different functions, they are united by the desire to encourage undergraduates to build and support them every step of the way. We're all about cultivating the future of tech, startups, and VC. We're about cultivating talent.

WashU will be forever changed by the time we're done here.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow WashU's startup culture and excitement to build. We do this by building the infrastructure to allow WashU to naturally take a powerful first step towards elevating our nascent startup culture into a mature ecosystem.

WashU students are among the most talented and capable of our generation. Students here have an innate urge to ideate, and projects are constantly emerging. However, not nearly enough of these projects become early stage ventures. Students are moving fast, and they need further support in place to be able to move. Undergraduates only have four years in school, and usually consider making a project a startup after their first year. They don't have time to wait for capital or resources or experiences. Kodiak Ventures intends to be the entity that acts upon this increase in ideation we're seeing on campus and act as the inflection point so that this university truly becomes a place for students to be builders as much as academics.

The Venture Studio - Areas of Emphasis

Venture Builder and Advisory

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The Talent Pipeline

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External Resources

As you begin to build and expose yourself to the tech, startup, and investing space, take a look at our open resource bank below!

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