At Koan, we know remote work doesn't start with tools like Zoom or Slack. It begins with a set of guiding principles. As we transition to this new normal of team members working anywhere in the US and potentially globally, we'd like to offer our vision of working with purpose as a remote-first company.

Remote work at Koan

  1. We work from anywhere: We hire and work from all over the US instead of one location. Our new remote office policy.
  2. We respect colleagues in different time zones: We maintain core meeting hours (9 - 4 Pacific Time) that overlap with a standard workday, but trust employees to manage their time from there.
  3. We value outcomes over output: We care about the results and impact of your work vs. the hours you put in.
  4. We default to open, asynchronous communication: We work in the open and bias toward writing things down that can be read and consumed when people have time.
  5. We focus on building an amazing remote culture: We create space for culture-building activities during core business hours.
  6. We trust each other: We trust by default. We trust teammates are working on the most important work; that we'll each share honest and open feedback; and that we'll reach out when we need help.