Notion Tasks Tracker

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1. View the overall performance of the tasks as per the task status (Not Started, In Progress and Completed) which includes:

a. Task description,

b. Task priority (High, Medium, or Low)

c. Task scheduled end date,

d. Category of tasks (such as Family, Work, Studies etc),

e. Task Efficiency (in %)

2. Get a timeline of all the tasks for the period set to any date along with task status and priority.

3. Overall categories of the task and the total tasks allotted for each.

4. Customize and add as many categories of your choice for each task.

5. Dashboard to add details for the task such as:

a. Task Description

b. Category of the task (such as Work, Health, Studies, etc)

c. Priority of the task (High, Medium, Low)

d. Status of the task (Not Started, In Progress, Completed)

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