Notion Beginner Bundle

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Guaranteed beginner-friendly, easy-to-use, simple and minimalistic template design.

The templates included are:

- Goal Action Plan
Goal Action Plan Template for Notion is a place to visualize what happens after accomplishing your goals as well as how to accomplish them.

- Daily Reflection Journal
Daily reflection journal template for Notion is designed to help you reflect and journal digitally in the most simple and comprehensible way possible.

- One Page Project Manager
The One Page Project Manager is a simple Notion template to help you manage your projects and tasks in one single page. Simplicity at its best.

- Simple To Do List
Prioritize your tasks and simplify your to-do list through Notion

- Simple Library
Simple Library Template designed to help you keep track of books, book wishes, and book summaries all in one place, digitally.

- Simple Habit Tracker
Simple Habit Tracker Template for Notion is designed to offer you easy and intuitive habit tracking digitally

- Minimalistic Link in Bio
Minimalistic Link In Bio template is designed to help you convert more profile link clicks. Setup your Link in Bio directly from Notion!

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