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I spent almost 6 months to keep experimenting with different setups and finally, I created the best version you see now. Therefore, I would like to share it with anyone who may find it helpful and save your time!

This template has more than 400 pages, which includes:

1. Annual Goals Planner - this will help you set three goals at the beginning of the year and keep them on track when every quarterly review.

2. Quarterly Reviews - these will guide you to reflect on the past quarter and plan forward.

3. Monthly Log - this will give you a clear view of tasks and events this month and help you plan the weeks. Review the archive and monthly habit tracker and do the monthly refection to close up the month.

4. Weekly Log - this will help you plan every week in 2022. Distribute your weekly tasks to the days and manage your schedule accordingly to keep a great work-life balance.

5. Daily Log - this is helpful for daily time management. Open your daily log in the morning, look at today’s events and tasks assigned from the weekly log and plan your morning, afternoon, and evening.

6. Calendar - this can be found in the future log, monthly log, weekly log, and daily log. Add your meetings, parties, events, and the holidays to the calendar wherever you see it and manage them with tags.

7. Habit Tracker - this is shown in both daily and monthly logs and of course, the database is linked. So you can easily track and review it in either way you prefer.

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