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For your life’s work: Notion’s first brand campaign

Kira Klaas
Global Head of Campaigns
2분 분량

The Notion community has always been one of the most creative and heartwarming places to be. Every day, we discover new ways you’re using Notion to do what’s important across every part of your lives, from raising a child to raising a startup:

You’ve shown us that work and life don’t fit into two neat boxes. Instead, it’s about being able to work the way you want, and prioritize what’s important. We want Notion’s brand to represent that flexibility to do what’s most meaningful to you. So today, we’re thrilled to unveil our first international brand campaign, For your life’s work.

Every part of the campaign is inspired by you — by the way you’ve used Notion to chase your dreams and find your purpose. Whether that’s planning your wedding, launching a product, growing your plant collection, or all of the above, we want to give you the tools to make it happen. Tools that work the way you work. That think the way you think.

You’ll see this new theme across our website, ads, social media, and even TV. We’ve also launched billboards across eight cities — in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Three lives, three works-in-progress

We’ve got new stories to share, too, each character inspired by members of our community. In “The Search,” we follow startup founder Camilla Alvarez as she works to close a key hire for her startup, all while keeping up with her exercise routine and other healthy habits.

In “Next Chapter,” first-time dad Erik Nilsson finds himself starting over after being laid off. He embarks on a new career journey, joining a web design bootcamp while raising his energetic toddler.

“Family Business” walks through a day in the life of college student Botan Kimura as he balances helping his grandparents run their family bakery and keeping up with his schoolwork.

It's not about the numbers

These stories don’t ask how many hours you can save, or how much more you can get done in a day. Instead, we’re asking: How can you make time and space to do what’s most important to you? How can Notion give you the flexibility to do that?

So as you come across these stories in the coming weeks, we hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on your life — to challenge yourself, try something new, and plan something wonderful.

To get the wheels turning, we’ll leave you with a couple of our tried-and-true templates. We can’t wait to see your life’s work.

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